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Henan Haixin blanket Textile Co., Ltd.

About us

Henan Haixin blanket Textile Co., Ltd. was established in March 2010. The company is located in the industrial agglomeration area of Ruyang County, Luoyang, the city of Millennium capital and peony city. The company has convenient transportation, the Jiaozhi railway and the jiaodeng railway are passed through the park. The company is only 500 meters from the Nanyang high-speed, Shanghai and Shanxi high speed entrance company, and the company has invested a total of 380 million yuan. The single layer standardization workshop is 66 thousand square meters, and the product 85% is export; there are more than 600 employees, including 36 middle and senior technical personnel, and 153 people with college or above education. In October 2011, the company was certified by the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. The company has successively obtained "advanced units of quality management in Luoyang" and "advanced environmental protection". Honorary titles such as "unit", "loving enterprise" and "high growth private enterprise".

The international advanced production equipment and advanced finishing technology imported from Taiwan, Japan and Switzerland have formed an international leveling blanket production line, with 7 million top and middle grade woolen blankets and 20 million meters high grade fabrics. Now it has become the largest in Henan and the top five high-grade woolen blanket modern enterprises in the country; the company is the main company. Products include: high-grade raschel blanket, craft blankets, high-grade craft carpets, high-end toys flannelette;

In August 2010, the company obtained the right of self operating import and export business, and established business relations with Japanese, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries and regions. In 2015, the company became the national blanket enterprise of Milan international blanket Expo in Italy, and succeeded in obtaining customer orders at the Expo site.

With the principle of quality assurance and credit first, the company adheres to the enterprise concept of "doing things with the heart and sincerely waiting for people", with the aim of "providing quality products and services, realizing enterprise and individual value", following the basic principles of people-oriented, sincere solidarity and service first, and striving for new design and high quality products. The perfect service wins the market.

Henan Haixin blanket Textile Co., Ltd. hopes to join hands with all walks of life to develop mutually beneficial and win-win.