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The printing and dyeing factory will finally get over more than 1500 small and medium-sized enterprises to resume production.

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Today, the outflow of two Zhejiang Ningbo city on the correct guidance of some small and medium-sized enterprises to resume normal production and operation of the notice: everyone to look at this is a good news!

Ministry of environmental protection issued a voice: never asked environmental law enforcement "one size fits all"

The Ministry of environmental protection policies and regulations, director of the Ministry of policy and regulation, asked reporters to answer questions from all sides.

"We have never asked the environmental protection department to be" one size fits all ". On the contrary, the leaders of the Ministry of environmental protection have two clear attitudes:

First, it is against the local neglect of supervision at ordinary times, so that illegal enterprises exist for a long time and pollute the environment.

Two is to oppose local peacetime inaction, to environmental supervision, inspection, inspection and inspection, take a simple, rough method, one-sided treatment of development and environmental protection, which is indiscriminate. We oppose ordinary inaction and oppose the abuse of inspection.

Shandong more than 1500 lying gun environmental protection enterprises to resume production "one size fits all" slightly eased

Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection held a press conference to resolutely oppose "omission" and "chaos act". Shandong Zibo Zhoucun district and Boshan district two major areas to actively change the environmental protection methods, so that the more than 1500 "scattered pollution" enterprises through acceptance, the formal recovery of production!

Among them, there are 886 Zhoucun districts (as of August 24th), and 637 in Boshan district (up to August 27th). Finally, SMEs have seen hope.

The relevant departments will carry out the comprehensive regulation acceptance and reproduction work of the "scattered and dirty" enterprises in accordance with the laws and regulations in accordance with the laws and regulations. The enterprises or units that have completed the comprehensive environmental regulation and meet the acceptance conditions according to the requirements and apply for acceptance check and accept the acceptance.

This is called environmental protection guidance and rectification.

Zhoucun district environmental protection department set up the environmental assessment department to deal with the consultation service window and inform the masses at one time. All the materials can be reported through the Internet. The enterprises can record and register directly on the Internet.

For different types of enterprises, district environmental protection departments put forward targeted environmental protection plan to speed up the acceptance rate.

Boshan District, in combination with the characteristics of the industry in the area, from the Shandong University of Technology, Zibo Environmental Design Institute and other units, hired 20 different professional, different research areas of environmental experts, scholars, sent to the towns, streets and development zones, for enterprises to do "physical examination".

Through the targeted inspection and guidance to the enterprises, the existing environmental procedures are not complete, the environmental protection facilities are not standardized, and the problems are not in place, and the corresponding rectification opinions are put forward, and the "medical check-up" of the remedy is issued. The enterprise control requires rectification to ensure that the results can stand supervision and inspection. . The original acceptance rate of rectification enterprises is only 20%, and now it can reach 70%.

Sluggish production and soaring prices

In this environmental storm, authoritative media organizations such as CCTV and Xinhua also rebuke some local governments for "one size fits all" behavior.

The environmental protection "one size fits all" problem that has been criticized by some people. There are some voices of opposition on the network, some netizens say that the shutdown operations in some areas have spread to the agricultural production and living service industry on a large scale, affecting the farmers' income and the normal life of the residents. For a time, the voices of opposition were mixed with strange stories, and the truth rumours were hard to distinguish.

The economic impact of environmental protection

Some people also put forward a macro analysis that environmental protection in the short term may have a supporting role in the price of Partial Periodic goods, but the impact of supply impact on the production of environmental protection in the medium term will have a negative impact on the fundamentals.

China silver international believes that environmental protection in the short term may have a supporting role in the price of partial cyclical products, but the supply impact of environmental protection limits will have a negative impact on the fundamentals in the medium term.

In the short term, if the policy of environmental protection and production restriction is strictly implemented, the supply will face greater impact. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the "2+26" city heating season, as well as the detailed provisions of some provinces and cities, if the limited production scale of electrolytic aluminum, steel and cement will exceed 8.43%, 11.1% and 16.32%, the supply will decline significantly, and the price of the corresponding products will still have a rising space.

In the mid-term impact, supply shocks will be transmitted to production, investment and consumption, and the macro-economy will be negatively affected. In production, the upstream is closed directly, the lower and lower reaches of the lower and lower reaches are narrowed by the cost of raw materials, the profit space is narrowed, and the lower profits are directly affected, the downstream profits are directly affected and the upstream short-term gains will benefit the price rise, but the lower downstream demand will completely offset the price rise, the superposition production slows down, the investment in fixed assets will decline; On the other hand, the high tolerance of environmental protection is one of the factors that attract international capital and maintain trade advantages at the present stage, and the competitiveness of export will be damaged, in addition, the unemployment of workers and the decline of consumption will be accompanied.

In the long run, the promotion of environmental protection and limited production may be discounted for industrial upgrading. The original intention of environmental protection is to increase the cost of pollution, promote industrial upgrading, and get rid of the traditional mode of production with high energy consumption and high pollution. However, not relying on on-line environmental protection equipment, but also lack of marketing means to endogenous environmental costs, some efficient capacity is also facing the dilemma of shutdown, the role of the industry in environmental upgrading may be discounted.

Structure, under the influence of environmental protection policy, large enterprises and state-owned enterprises perform better. Although the period of structural adjustment is still in progress, the worst stage of China's economy has become the past tense.

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